The way one cares for their own health and wellbeing is well reflected in how they show up in the world. The more informed and educated they are on health-related topics, the more responsible they become in caring for themselves and others around them. But what leads to those healthcare decisions or, better said, who […]

Interview Sassy Women Society

What does it mean for you to be an accomplished woman? I’ve defined accomplishment differently over the past years. If in my school years, accomplishment meant getting high grades and gathering diplomas for my outstanding achievements, in my early career life this translated into climbing the career ladder and hunting job titles. I am not […]

3C Framework

Create | Communicate | Connect 1.Create “Content is king” (as quoted by Bill Gates in 1996) is still relevant nowadays.Content can mean different things depending on the stage you want to meet your clients on theirjourney. When trying to get your client to be more aware, reach out to them with blog posts, eBooks,quizzes, infographics, […]

Interview Dynamic Business Connections

BOOK “On the LookOUT – for the better half” Who is Diana Mereu? I have to admit that I do not have the easiest job when it comes to addressing your question – I hold many titles, yet the “who” question is the hardest one to answer. To only name one role that I believe […]


BEcoming Your Legacy Take a moment to GOOGLE yourself – is it mystery or history? My first GOOGLE results are about my current job and former education, about the interviews and testimonials I’ve been privileged to give, about my recently released book “On the LookOUT – for the better half”. Pretty accurate I would say […]

Personal Transformation

STORYTELLER “Puzzling story, eye-catching game, Tell you the truth if you give me your name. Yet, I keep you all in the dark for a while Until I disclose my artistic style.” Values guide our actions as they stand as the blueprint of life. They are a good predictor of how our life is going […]


WINTER TALE “Life passed them by, fine whiskey and cigars, They created their own story, a map to the stars. And you are reading it loud for others to hear: What truly matters is to hold someone dear.” We enter this life without knowing and we love being surprised; that’s why some of us still […]


TOURIST GUIDE “Turn heads, act stupid and play the fool. Live it up and stick to no rule. Today or tomorrow, as yesterday’s gone, Fill in blank spaces and stay up until dawn.” Do you know that the average person thinks around 70,000 thoughts a day? Your mind is the most powerful tool you have […]

Holiday Lifestyle

The Ultimate Mindset Recipe for a Well-Balanced Lifestyle during the Holiday Season Are you ready for a holiday lifestyle upgrade? You’ve come to the right place! While counting down to the upcoming festive season, we can’t help but wonder how will webalance various food options, numerous family gatherings and long to-do lists. Here’s theultimate mindset […]

Interview She Is Mom

Who is Diana Mereu?  That’s a tough question to answer. I have transformed over the years – from a sensitive introvert to a confident extrovert and then to a perfect mix of the two. Living life optimistically has had its benefits, but only when combined with a spark of rational enthusiasm. Also, matching my creative […]