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Legacy is the only exit strategy. 

Content Creative

  • Leveraging your presence successfully across communication channels
  • Developing the right content marketing strategy to power your sales
  • Curating and creating content to drive profitable customer action

Brand Storyteller

  • Creating, activating and reinforcing purpose
  • Differentiating your brand in the crowded marketplace
  • Articulating a compelling narrative to connect with consumers

Keynote Speaker

  • Outlining the central theme relevant for the gathering
  • Setting the key tone for your conference and/ or event
  • Ensuring audience is left inspired, entertained and educated

Network Builder

  • Facilitating communication with business partners
  • Setting-up high value strategic corporate partnerships
  • Building networks and creating communities around your brand

Influencer Marketer

  • Building and nurturing online communities
  • Drive brand message to target audiences
  • Specialized knowledge and expertise

Start-up Advisor

  • Developing power relations & dynamics with stakeholders
  • Turning company’s conversation from ‘IT’ to ‘WE’
  • Gatekeeping your company’s reputation


Create | Communicate | Connect

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3C framework

The 3C framework is a signature model that benefits companies or individuals to progress their agenda, expand their network and power their sales.

–        Create content

–        Communicate brand

–        Connect communities