3C Framework

Create | Communicate | Connect


“Content is king” (as quoted by Bill Gates in 1996) is still relevant nowadays.
Content can mean different things depending on the stage you want to meet your clients on their

  • When trying to get your client to be more aware, reach out to them with blog posts, eBooks,
    quizzes, infographics, whitepapers – try to be as informative and relevant in conveying the
  • Going more in depth into offering knowledge (beyond information), provide your client
    with content in the form of podcasts, webinars, masterclasses.
  • Should your client have already reached their decision stage, action-triggering content can
    be embedded in the form of demo, free trial, discounts.

Content is your unique selling proposition, your differentiating point from competitors, hence, it
comes with some heaviness on shoulders once you realize that your creation should be something
truly valuable.
If content is king, context is queen. You should analyse the environment in which your audience is
likely to be in – it’s obvious one cannot predict a pandemic, but one can adapt the message once a
pandemic hits.
Also, given the number of resources needed to be invested in content creation, content can be
repurposed – it can be recycled and transformed in various formats so as to be more widely
The currency for content is time – think of it as the time spent by your audience consuming content
curated and created for them. With this metric in mind, you can measure the true ROI of your

2. Communicate

It’s not only about using the right words, but actually about creating a bullet-proof narrative.
Stories have defined us since the beginning of time. A story that has passed the test of time is the
one of Santa Claus, which Coca-Cola tells every Christmas.

What are the best lessons you can take from Santa Claus?

  • To keep your promises
  • To listen to your audience
  • To leave an emotional imprint

Stories are relatable, easy to grasp and easy to remember. In order to allow your brand to talk for
itself and become its own ambassador, you should keep your communication expressive rather than
Consider each member of your community your stakeholder and make them the co-authors to your
story. After all, you want to build a tribe linked by shared values and beliefs, not a consumer
Brand tribes represent highly valuable tools for your marketing campaign, innovation management
and customer relationship as they can spread the word about your business.
The personal ecosystem* of influence of your influencers enables you as a communicator to draft
key messages, develop creative content and determine marketing strategy.
After all, that’s the science of META-INFLUENCE in a nutshell.

*sources they consult, opinions they endorse, people they associate with

3. Connect

Having passed through a pandemic, you should know that the power of partnerships unlocks a safer
world against COVID-19 and BioNTech/Pfizer breakthrough is the living proof.
Partnerships have emerged as a powerful tool to develop connections, create opportunities and
scale-up businesses. The saying “two heads are better than one” is famous for a good reason.

What are the most effective strategies for building partnerships?

  • Find a common denominator -> Is it CSR or shareholder wealth you are interested in?
  • Take impact-driven actions -> How can you leave a positive mark on people’s lives?
  • Define budget to invest -> How much money are you willing to contribute with?

What are the ultimate perks that come with partnerships?

  • Bridge knowledge gaps
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Access new markets

Look at partnerships as you’d look at collaborations within your company – colleagues from
different departments help each other grow the business, sharing the same values and having the
same goals in mind.
It is clear that a partnership is not a low-cost, quick fix or risk-free option. Although you cannot
predict 100% how partnerships will turn out, do a preliminary assessment of your risk-tolerance.
This will help you gain clarity before spreading your NET wide!

I hope this article answered some of your questions about how I embed the 3C framework in my
service offering. For more details, book your complimentary 15’ call via my website.