Interview Sassy Women Society
  1. What does it mean for you to be an accomplished woman?

I’ve defined accomplishment differently over the past years. If in my school years, accomplishment meant getting high grades and gathering diplomas for my outstanding achievements, in my early career life this translated into climbing the career ladder and hunting job titles. I am not apologetic nor ashamed by my drive, as the means to achieve everything in my life was based on hard work, rather than pure luck. Yet, once all these were checked from an unwritten list – the accomplishment nowadays is defined by quality interactions, long-lasting friendships, meaningful relationships.

  1. What was your journey until achieving your dreams?

I guess a part of it is well described by my answer to the previous question. What yet was left uncovered and I would love to approach now is the “human” part of my existence, because although I have worked my way up, I was fortunate to meet the right people at the right time to believe in me. I am a day-dreamer, so I create my own dreams as I go. I dreamed of becoming a well-known figure in my industry (CEO), to start-up my own business (coach), to give voice to my inner creativity (author) – and they all came true. Now I am dreaming of starting a family.

  1. How did you overcome the obstacles you were faced with in your career trajectory?

I am a true believer that the only obstacles we see are the product of our own imagination. I am not saying to take uncalculated risks, but only to let life surprise you. From experience, I can say that things that scared me the most, were the ones that brought me closer to my greatest potential (both personally and professionally). The only thing I need to learn is to fight is the unpreparedness of others to overcome obstacles at the same time or with the same strength – timing, values and purpose play an important role. To sum it up, obstacles/ barriers/ limitations are a made-up thing.

  1. How do you celebrate success?

This interview would be one way to celebrate, as it challenges me to relieve experiences and actually give myself credit for what I’ve achieved so far. Celebration for me is about creating memories and it is mostly linked to doing what I love best – traveling the world, discovering new cultures and catching green waves. I also consider that the small things are worth celebrating. We ofttimes underestimate the power that each step has for us advancing in or completing our personal journey. I actually challenge everyone to set big goals, but without everyday actions, these will be less likely achieved.

  1. What / who inspires you?

I’ve always looked up to people, no matter my statute. Improvement is welcome in every area of life and the faster one acknowledges this, the better. I’ve had many references in all of my professional endeavours in the past – yet now I tend to look for inspiration in those who have a good work-life balance, who build happy families, who have an active agenda, who keep their affairs private, who engage in sports of any kind, who laugh more & judge less. I also like to think that I inspire myself because with every day that passes, I become a better version. Sassy. Classy. Blossomy.