Holiday Lifestyle

The Ultimate Mindset Recipe for a Well-Balanced Lifestyle during the Holiday Season

Are you ready for a holiday lifestyle upgrade? You’ve come to the right place!

While counting down to the upcoming festive season, we can’t help but wonder how will we
balance various food options, numerous family gatherings and long to-do lists. Here’s the
ultimate mindset recipe to upgrade your lifestyle in time for holidays.

  1. FOOD

If beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, a disciplined diet lies in the mindset. Weight gain is not about one day of satisfied taste buds, but about bad habits pilling up during the course of several days. There are no Do’s and Don’ts, but rather some guidelines to keep the spirit high and the weight low. Starting with increasing the water intake and decreasing the alcohol consumption – a little party never hurt nobody, but some extra glasses might. If exercise timetable is compromised, subscribe for household chores, decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping up gifts. Last but not least, customize your portions by choosing the meal plates. Cheating is allowed only when it comes to healthy snacks and limiting sugar.

  1. REST

Switching from “work mode” to “festive mode” has never been easier. With so many tips and tricks nowadays, you cannot go wrong with giving yourself a break over the holiday break. And what a better way to do so than rest? Rest can be either active, which involves light activities such as walking, cycling, yoga, pilates, swimming, or passive, which doesn’t involve any moment. Doing one action at a time, or prioritising your actions might also come in handy. Nevertheless, connecting over holidays is much more about emotional bondage than electronics usage – hence, a tech detox is a great way to balance digital interaction with real-world connection. The 3 Rs to remember over this holiday season are: rest, recharge, reset.


We usually end a speech or a presentation with a “thank you” card. So why not end the year on the same thankful note? Cultivating gratitude can alleviate pain, relieve stress and deepen happiness. There is no such thing as perfect timing, yet there is always enough time to purposefully look within and around in order to seize the joy of every moment. Gratitude can come in many forms and leave room for adaptation to individual needs: offer compliments, make gifts, practice random acts of kindness, meditate (or pray), write a letter to loved ones, high five yourself in the mirror. This Christmas, instead of asking Santa for things you want, rather put down on paper thing you have – those that boost your inner spirit and spice up your life.

  1. FAMILY 

Although each family is unique, they do share some similarities: acing the guilt exercise – whether you are single, married, divorced, you become the aim of burning questions and bitter complaints, or taking turns at the alpha game – comparison walls should be demolished among family members as some find their “how” later on their journey. In such a set-up, recognizing triggers and acknowledging the impermanence of situations are energy boosters and confidence builders. Instead, one should focus on spending quality time with those who lift them up, offer them a sense of belonging and act as their support system. Connecting purposefully, showing authentic emotions and enjoying each other’s company among relatives should stay at the core of holiday traditions by sharing memories over a game of cards or flipping through a family photo album.


Mindset is the key to granted Christmas wishes and committed New Year’s Eve resolutions. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for the creation of good in your life, but if not used correctly, it can also be the most destructive force in your life. This is the season to celebrate yourself and joyfully bask in a state of high vibrations. Although familiar scents prompt an array of emotions, the same applies when spending holidays alone – should this be the case, setting your own tone, creating your own traditions and volunteering your time should be part of the treat. 

While the official countdown begins, I hope this article will help you navigate the holidays and keep you on Santa’s nice list. Until the next time we meet, shall you find whatever you are “On the LookOUT” for – wellness, mindset and family related.

Happy, merry and bright (upgraded) holiday season!