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WINTER TALE “Life passed them by, fine whiskey and cigars, They created their own story, a map to the stars. And you are reading it


TOURIST GUIDE “Turn heads, act stupid and play the fool. Live it up and stick to no rule. Today or tomorrow, as yesterday’s gone, Fill

The Ultimate Mindset Recipe for a Well-Balanced Lifestyle during the Holiday Season Are you ready for a holiday lifestyle upgrade? You’ve come to the right

Interview She Is Mom

Who is Diana Mereu?  That’s a tough question to answer. I have transformed over the years – from a sensitive introvert to a confident extrovert

How does self-care fit into the healthcare framework? Existing approaches, where citizens are passive recipients of healthcare, are no longer sustainable. Citizens must now play

What is your first memory related to the beginning of your career?Each of us writes their own story. I chose to start my story in