The way one cares for their own health and wellbeing is well reflected in how they show up in the world. The more informed and educated they are on health-related topics, the more responsible they become in caring for themselves and others around them. But what leads to those healthcare decisions or, better said, who […]

Interview MOORE

How does self-care fit into the healthcare framework? Existing approaches, where citizens are passive recipients of healthcare, are no longer sustainable. Citizens must now play an active role in managing their own health, making daily choices on exercise, diet, and self-medication. This sits well with a growing trend for consumer empowerment, with increasing access to […]

Interview RASCI

What is your first memory related to the beginning of your career?Each of us writes their own story. I chose to start my story in the 5 th  year of faculty, moreprecisely in the 2 nd  semester of mandatory practice, when I had my first contact with the reality ofthe working field. Therefore, after 2 […]