I am Diana Mereu.

My surname, which means “always” in English, has guided my path from functional to fantastical. Although I hold many hats, they are all custom-made.


Mindset mastery is when your “one day” becomes your “day one”.

ABC framework

is a guideline used to assess where clients are on their journey and to determine the next steps they can take towards their goals

A (awareness, audit, accountability)
B (big goals, building habits, balanced reflection)
C (consistency, challenging comfort, competence mastery)


I thought I was on the lookout for something or someone. However, it was there all along: ME.

3D framework

is a personalized tool for clients to become the storytellers of their lives by responding to an essential question: “who am I in reality”

Discover insights
Design strategy
Deliver results

Other Services

Legacy is the only exit strategy.

3C framework

is a signature model that benefits companies or individuals to progress their agenda, expand their network and power their sales

Create content
ommunicate brand
onnect communities

Free Resources

On the LookOut for the better half

  • a combination of the romantic sarcasm of the poems with the pragmatic approach of today’s reflections
  • an illustration for the turbulence of youth and an insight into the stability of adulthood
  • a parallel between the present adult-self and the past younger-self
  • a mindful journey towards the authentic self
  • a manifesto on self-love

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